In my 73 years I’ve done a lot of hunting and fishing and have been with a lot of guides. Nowadays I’m not looking for a ‘meaningful experience ‘. I’m looking for production! So far this year I’ve hunted with Kyle sandy for snow geese in Parma      plus fished for kokanee in McCall. The 23 snows that my friend snd I got were more than expected at the time ( being the snows were just starting to show up ). What surprised me the most was that he told us that he also guided Lake Payette . We had no clue that we’d have any success with kokanees there . But four of us filled out (6 each ) in less than 3 hours with surprisingly large kokes . Kyle definitely knows his stuff !

Jack Oberti

I took my dad, wife, and 2 kids out with Fish and Fur Outfitters this summer to fish for Kokanee. My wife and kids had never gone boat fishing before and it was a blast. The Captain, Max, was an excellent host and even better angler. Both times I went out with them we hit our bag limits by lunch and got some real high quality fish to fill my freezer. Highly recommend and will be coming back next season.

Tyler Bond

These 2 the best fishing team in Idaho!

Jim Harrison